Considering ever increasing national demand for new innovation and complete automation system and taking into account necessity to stay with international development, the company- active in industrial, production, electronic system and software- established in Tehran -2006. Facilitating managerial affairs in different levels, persuaded the establishers of the company to foster monitoring and supervising powers of managers by designing and manufacturing new systems. To this end, and using state of the art technology, OFOGH FARA VISION is honored to introduce 8 new systems up to 2010 to market, and added CCTV Camera, Alarm security system and etc. in 2015

With Managing Director Mrs. Hamidreza Mashaallah
Right now our company is honored to provide services to 1 million employee’s national wide by time attendance and access control systems. It is hoped the products initiate new innovation in electronic services.



icon  Attendance Time System

We provide attendance time system as hardware and software both, our system include face detection, fingerprint and RFID card, and also we have 3 software to give full report to all of our customer. We are very strong in attendance time system in all of city in Iran.

icon Access Control

One of strong product of OFV Company is access control actually we designed many system for control and to make great time table for this case Some of access control software our include Staff access control, car automation system, sport club system, food automation system, meting access control and so on, for get more information connect to us.

icon Hotel Management System

We import many hotel system such as hotel door lock as RF and IC , energy saver , safe box , bell door system and also provide hotel management software for control all of room in hotel also we can make plan for hotel manager to use one single card to do many things such as open the room , open the safe box open the cabinet lock , to pay money by that card in hotel shopping to open gate when arrive to car park and so on.

icon Automation System

We are expert in design and produce automation software and had many experience to find best solution for Automation some of our software include: attendance time, access control, sport club, RFID long rage car park, hotel management and so on.

icon Gate Control Systems

We produce 4 model gate for access control include triple gate , glass gate , wing gate and also shopping gate control also we have especial software for this case.

icon Smart Home

One of other brand of OFV is home 5 star and in this branch we are perfect in BMS which we can make new solution to smart your home and office we are many product in this case and you can visit our web site to get more information , our smart hoe web site is www.home5star.com.

icon CCTV Camera

We produce new brand which is OFVISION and our brand is inside HIKVISION and DOHUA, our quality for this brand is perfect and we suggest this brand to of my customer.