New Product of OFV CO.

We have just launched our new product. It is a comprehensive software for managing sports facilities. For more information, Check out the Website. Iran Apollo Software

Vehicle traffic control of Cultural Heritage Organization

End of the project Vehicle traffic control Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran One of the biggest projects in the form of a hybrid vehicle access control and license plate reader UHF Long Range systems implemented in the organization and was put into operation. Ofogh fara vision of Vehicle traffic control system is able to record the license plate at a …

Project Control system of Ameneh Nursery

Start Project Control system of Ameneh Nursery We are pleased that we have been able to undertake the Access control system project in Ameneh Nursery. Ofogh fara vision of access control system with fingerprint card and your hardware devices recorded the traffic and with management reporting options of software offer a full range of information. Also in this project in …

Ofogh Attendance Device at Nayeb Restaurants

Ofogh Attendance Device at Nayeb Restaurants

Assembling Ofogh Attendance Device at Nayeb Restaurants The project to equip all branches of Nayeb Restaurants in Iran with management Mr. Nayeb as Premier entrepreneur by Ofogh Attendance devices was completed. And henceforth For traffic control personnel of Nayeb Restaurants use Ofogh fara vision Devices. Hope with after-sales service Ofogh fara vision, We can obtain the consent of the Nayeb Restaurants.